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I Purchase a Royal Oak Charcoal Grill about 5 years ago, the charcoal pan won't hold charcoal anymore because the pan has deteriorated.I called them and they said they can't supply a replacement part because the the Grill is obsolete and they don't have any parts anymore.

This is a great way to do business. It only answer was to purchase a new one. Sure I will go out and purchase another one.

NOT.I really like to the grill but I shouldn't have to purchase a new one when a replaceable part could be purchased so avoid buy a whole new grill



Same thing just happened with mine I think it is pretty crappy of them to be like that

Manteca, California, United States #1035166

I too am having the same problem. The bbq is too good throw out and buy another, the only thing bad is the charcoal tray (falling apart). I am trying to figure out another way of maybe using wire racks similar to the grill to use in its place.


I ended up cutting some cheap cookie sheets and riveting them to the crummy charcoal pan just so I could get a few more years out of it.

I have a Weber that lasted longer than five years and was less expensive too.

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I'm online now trying to find this exact replacement part.I can't remember quite how long I've had the grill, but all of the parts are in good shape except for this one particular part and it's a shame to have to toss the whole grill just because this one part isn't available.

I love the idea of using cheap cookie sheets as an alternative, but wish I could just order the replacement parts and am sorry those aren't available.

It doesn't make sense to have to toss the grill when all of the parts are still in great working order.It's like the quality of this one part was substandard in comparison to the other parts.

Memphis, Tennessee, United States #665659

for crying out loud, he got 5 years use from a $125 grill.Yes we have the same grill and love it too, and I believe we have gotten our money's worth out of it.

If he was any kind of man, he could find someone to fabricate the part that is worn out.What a cheapskate!

to Grateful #836585

Don't be so critical of someone trying to get his money's worth. It *is* pretty crummy of the company not to provide replacement parts. I am a sheet metal mechanic, but I understand that not everyone else is.

to Grateful #1035991

Well Genus just another person critical of someone and not knowing all the facts.The grill is in Florida where I spend the winter or 6 months so the 5 years of usage is know 2 1/2 years, then take into consideration I don't use it everyday genus.

So I don't think that I have gotten my moneys worth.

The part that is most critical is the cheapest.Thanks for *** comment.

to Grateful Lehigh Acres, Florida, United States #1122896

well didn't ask for your opinion but since we are in Fl 6 months the grill is only 2/1/2 years old of use. I think this issue is non of your business.

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